About Chohdry

Chohdry is a pronunciation spelling for the surname Chaudhry which is often spelled (or misspelled) in a number of ways; Chaudhary, Chaudhry, Chowdhry, Chowdhary, Chowdhery, Chaudhery, Choudry.

So what does Chohdry means?
(Urdu: چودہری) is a term in Indo-Aryan languages, literally meaning “a holder of four” or “owner of the fourth part”. Traditionally, the term is used as a title indicating the ownership of ancestral land, but in contemporary usage it is often taken as a surname. The word is variously spelt in different areas.

So why Chohdry spellings?
Chohdry (at least to me) comes closer to the correct pronunciation of the name in Urdu/Hindi.

Are you only one using this un-common spelling?
No there are many other people with surname Chohdry

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