Kamran Yousaf Chohdry

A Software Engineer with a passion of building modern web from Newcastle upon Tyne

I am a Software Engineer working on a range of technologies and looking for next exciting challenge based in Newcastle upon Tyne. I have been educated in computer science and have earned a BA in journalism, BCS specialising in software engineering, an MCS specialising in e-commerce from Pakistan and an MSc e-commerce from Sunderland University, UK.

My passion with programming has made me work in a wide range of languages in past and I am currently trying to make web better one web site at a time. Specifically I am working to make the e-Learning a nicer experience for students and tutors. My related passions include automation (software & limited hardware), UX, Mobile development and exploring new web technologies. My passions unrelated to my job include Photography, Calligraphy and Swimming.

Bragging rights

I hold three computer science degrees (and one in humanities), just need one more before I turn into a Mad Scientist. I stood second in IEEE speed programming competition, and runner up in a couple of Software Competitions. I am also a proud PHP Certified Engineer and you can check my PHP certification online at Zend’s website.


Contact Information

My websites and profiles on different social media sites are as below: